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How to Get Your Development Application Approved: A Guide for Property Developers

Before you can develop a residential property, you will need to make a formal request to your local council for permission to construct a house and work with a town planner. Getting your local council to approve your development application is one of the major milestones in the construction project — be it a new home or an extension of your old house. You might have the space for development and the finances to back it up, but getting the planning application approved can make or break the whole project.

Subsidence: What It Is and How to Fix It

Subsidence occurs when the subsoil that your house sits upon pulls away from the house's foundations. This movement creates a cavity which the building then sinks into. If you're concerned that your home may be subsiding, then chances are you have seen signs that worry you. Read on for a list of the top telltale signs of subsidence and what to do if you've got them. Signs of Subsidence Substantial cracks in the interior and exterior walls and brickwork of your property are an obvious sign that the house has moved.

Energy Efficient Home Design Tips

Energy requirements for homes have soared recently given that electricity rates are at an all time high. It is the reason that green energy has become common in many aspects of our daily lives, including home design. With the rising cost of living, homeowners are looking for ways of minimizing energy costs. One area that homeowners can take advantage of concerning energy cost reduction is house design. This article provides tips to explore for energy efficient homes.

Tips for renovating a property which might contain asbestos

'Asbestos' is a word that is used to describe several types of mineral fibres, all of which can result in cancerous growths if they are inhaled. Unfortunately, up until a few decades ago, asbestos was routinely used to construct both commercial and residential properties. As such, many older houses still contain this dangerous material. Asbestos can be found in many areas of a house, including the ceiling and floor tiles, the cement panels, the loft insulation and the partition walls, to name just a few.

Why not use timber wall frames on your next project?

Timber wall frames are a popular choice for many construction projects. Compared to the alternatives, such as steel, most people know that a timber truss is lighter and more easy to manoeuvre around the building site. You may also know that a timber truss is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. While this is true these advantages are only the start of the benefits offered by using timber wall frames for your building project: