Reasons For Installing A Residential Skylight Window

While there are endless ways to improve a residential house, one excellent way is by installing a skylight window. Here are some reasons to choose this kind of upgrade.


Some home renovations involve spreading new colours and materials around the rooms, which can make them look more attractive. However, if you want to experience your home differently so that it feels more open and spacious, a skylight is a better idea. It will break up the solid ceiling and provide an extra view of the outside. If you work from home inside for many hours of the day, you probably won't feel so cooped up with an opening above you.

Energy Savings

A skylight is not only an aesthetic improvement, but it is also a practical measure to save money in the long run. The extra daylight it lets in may mean you no longer have to turn on lights in the daytime, thus lowering electricity bills. Skylights are good light sources because they face the sky and let in more light than vertical windows, which are often blocked by fences and buildings. You don't have to worry about the light being overly bright as you have different means to filter and control it. You can use a diffuser to scatter soft light around the room, and you can also fit blinds to a skylight.


Skylight windows can also make your house healthier by letting odours and humidity float outside. A skylight is in the prime position to allow this, as warm air naturally rises and hovers around the ceiling. Thus, you can open it to let out stale, moist air. You could fit a ventilating skylight in the kitchen or bathroom to keep these rooms fresh. Plus, you'll have a sense of being outside if you can look out at a blue sky and feel the fresh breezes.

Modernise Your Home

Open-plan living and connecting to nature are both popular themes at the moment, and fitting a skylight window will help you express these themes in your house's design, whether a room has a flat or pitched ceiling. The space will have a more modern aesthetic, which may improve its value and make it more sellable if that's what you plan to do in the future. Many people are also looking for ways to save energy, which a skylight helps with as well. Thus, they're a good investment in terms of increasing a house's appeal and saving electricity.

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