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4 Rubber Flooring Issues Building Inspections May Reveal

Are you planning to buy a home that has rubber flooring? Read on and discover some of the potential issues that a building inspection report may reveal about the rubber flooring of that home. Oxidation You may have to conduct costly repairs to the rubber flooring in case you don't engage a building inspector to check that flooring. Rubber can oxidise after reacting with light, heat and air. This oxidation can cause the rubber to become brittle.

5 Fun Projects to Make From Plywood

Are you looking for fun projects to do with your kids? Well, if your children like working with wood, you may want to explore some of these plywood projects. Plywood is relatively inexpensive, easy to cut and versatile. That makes it a great material for children in particular. Organisational Board Give your child a place to organise their toys, collectibles or school supplies with an organisational board. Start with a piece of peg plywood.

Avoid These DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The temptation to reduce costs often leads many homeowners to undertaking carpet cleaning without hiring professionals. However, some inexperienced homeowners can make mistakes that can affect the cleanliness and durability of their carpets. This article discusses some of those common mistakes that you should avoid. Using Too Much Soap Some homeowners use more soap than is recommended thinking that their carpets will get cleaner sooner. Such carpets may have visible soap residues after they have been cleaned.

The Builder's Hardware and Accessories You Need to Turn a Dresser Into a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island increases your available workspace and creates a fun extra dining area in your kitchen. If you have an old chest of drawers, you may be able to turn it into an island. You just need a slab of countertop and the right builder's hardware. Here's a look at what you need: Caster Wheels This part is optional, but if your dresser is not as tall as you want it to be, you need to take steps to raise it up.

All Elements of Site Analysis Laid Out for the Rookie

Site analysis is an elemental phase of construction. You need it to asses if the site you have chosen for your project is ideal for all the structures and installations that you would like to put up. In a broader context, you can define site analysis as a preliminary stage in urban and architectural planning used for assessing the geographical, climatic, legal and infrastructural attributes of site. For this process to be compressive, the assessors must look at various elements thoroughly to point out areas where weaknesses may lie.