Helical Piling Systems For Commercial Foundations: Is it Right For Your Building?

As the owner of a commercial building that's in need of foundation repair—or if you're planning a brand-new building—you certainly want to choose the optimal solution. The right foundation solution will allow you to relax and put foundation worries to rest for decades to come. Whilst there are several different options for commercial foundation repair, helical piling systems are generally the most popular choice today because they offer a deep and stable foundation solution. Here's what you need to know if you're considering a helical piling foundation system for your building. 

How Does a Helical Piling System Work?

The central component of the helical piling system is the pilings, the long steel shafts that are buried deep into the dirt using hydraulic motors. There are also steel plates known as helical blades. The helical blades keep the pilings stable so they can provide optimal foundation support. For large buildings, including any commercial construction, this foundation system will also have piling extensions that allow the steel pilings to be anchored even more deeply in the ground. 

Only after the entire helical piling system is in place and has been thoroughly tested for its ability to bear weight will the cement component of the foundation be poured. This process may take some time, which means a commercial foundation project of this type can take several weeks to several months.

When Is Helical Piling the Best Solution?

Helical piling systems are often recommended for commercial buildings that are quite large—for example, multi-level buildings that have to support a great deal of weight. This type of system is even recommended for larger residential homes in some cases. Helical piling systems are usually recommended as the best option for new construction of large commercial projects, and they're also typically recommended when an existing foundation has caved in or has nearly failed entirely.

One of the reasons that helical piling systems are now so popular is that they can be adapted to virtually any environment. Whilst other types of foundation systems, for example concrete-based foundation systems, require a great deal of complex excavation prior to installation, the helical piling system requires no excavation at all. This means that it's appropriate for use in nearly any area, even where the ground is particularly challenging and therefore difficult to excavate. 

If you're now convinced that helical piling system is right for you after reading the info above, contact your local construction contractor to arrange a consultation today.