Relocating Your Shop? Here Are a Few Things to Remember

There are many reasons why you might need to move your shop to a new location. It might be that you've simply outgrown your current site and wish to upgrade to a new space, perhaps with more foot traffic and better public transport connections. It could also be that your lease cannot be renewed and your relocation is not entirely voluntarily. Whatever your reason, there are a few things to arrange to make sure that your relocation doesn't disrupt your operations.

Customers and Vendors

As soon as your new premises have been chosen, ensure that your customer base is informed. This should involve in-store signage at your existing location, along with regular reminders on your social media (this could include a countdown to your move). Don't forget your email newsletter too, if applicable. The announcement of the move could also be paired with an announcement of your stock clearance sale, if you plan to hold one prior to your relocation. In addition to notifying your customer base, your vendors need to be informed of the move to ensure the seamless change of delivery address to your new premises. 

Removing Your Fit-Out

You need to engage the services of a retail defit company. The extent of their services will depend on how much of your existing fit-out will be transferred to the new location. At a minimum, they will oversee the removal of installed fixtures, allowing the space to return to its original state, protecting the landlord's assets (as in the overall integrity of the site), essentially ensuring that you fulfil your end-of-lease obligations. 

Disposal of Hardware

Additionally, a retail defit services provider will arrange for the safe disposal of any hardware that will not be retained, but you should check their recycling options to ensure that your old fit-out does not end up in landfill. Retail defits must adhere to a strict time frame so that your new premises are operational by the advertised date. 

A Final Notification

Prior to the end of your lease, speak with your landlord about whether it's possible to install signage at your soon-to-be empty premises, informing customers that you have in fact moved. This can be as simple as placing a large notice in the window of the shop, or even on temporary construction boarding at the premises, if renovation work is expected. Placing signage will depend on whether a new tenant is to occupy the space immediately after your departure, and there might be additional restrictions, such as if your shop was located in a shopping centre, which might have their own guidelines as to any permitted signage.

Relocating your shop is certainly a logistical challenge, which is why it's crucial to have all your primary bases covered.