Two tips for those who are renovating properties that have private roads

If the property you'll be renovating has a private road, this advice might interest you.

Get road maintenance work done throughout the property renovations

If like the rest of the property, the private road is in used condition and is in need of some basic maintenance, then it's important not to wait until after the main property renovations are over to start having this maintenance work done on it. Instead, you should have it done whilst the renovations are being carried out. This maintenance process might include fixing the road's potholes, addressing drainage problems and resurfacing areas where the top paving layer has deteriorated.

There are a couple of reasons why road maintenance work should be prioritised in these circumstances. Firstly, there will probably be a lot of tradespeople travelling on your road when you're doing the renovations, and many of them will be carrying supplies that they'll be using to work on your property. If the road is riddled with potholes, some of the more fragile supplies (like glass balustrades or untreated timber) may get thrown around and damaged in the backs of these vehicles as the drivers travel over this very bumpy surface.

Secondly, if these tradespeople have to drive on a road that needs to be resurfaced or which has dozens of potholes, their vehicles' tyres could get punctured, in which case their arrival at your home may be delayed. By ensuring that your road is properly maintained whilst the renovations are on-going, there will be far less chance of things like this happening.

Make sure you alert the tradespeople to any maintenance work that's being done to the road

It's also important to inform the tradespeople who will be visiting your property of any maintenance work you're having done to the roads. The reason for this is as follows; if they drive over a freshly-filled pothole which has not yet fully hardened, they may damage it and you might have to get it re-filled. Additionally, if you get a part of the road resurfaced and the tradespeople drive over the sticky new tarmac, it may stick to and ruin their vehicles' tyres.

As such, you should buy a few traffic cones and some reflective tape that you can use to seal off any sections of the road that have undergone recent maintenance and cannot yet be driven on. This will ensure you won't have to take any extra money out of your renovation fund to re-do this maintenance work and will ensure the tradespeople can travel on this road without ruining their vehicles' tyres.

For more information on road maintenance, reach out to a local contractor.