Have a Pile of Recycled Bricks in Your Yard? Use Them in These 3 Whimsical Ways

Do you have a pile of bricks in your backyard? If yes, you shouldn't throw the bricks away with the other garbage in your home. You can instead use the bricks to spruce up your landscape. Most homeowners look for some expensive ways to create a productive garden and thriving landscape, not knowing that they just need to use their recycled bricks to do it. You don't always need new bricks to make your landscape look beautiful. See some of the fanciful things those recycled bricks could help you create.

A Beautiful Herb-Growing Space

Do you like taking herbs? If you do, you shouldn't always buy them in the market when you can grow them in your home. Some people usually don't have enough space to grow herb-plants. However, space shouldn't limit you if you have some recycled bricks in your yard. 

You can use these bricks to form a circular or spiral structure or raised space to grow herbs. In this case, you can use organic materials if you don't want to make a permanent herb spiral. After building a spiral wall, you should then fill it with soil, compost, leaves, grass and biomass materials to make a suitable spiral slope for your herbs.

A Brick Playhouse for Your Children

If you have children, you know how risky and annoying playing in the house can be. If you allow them to play in the house, they may fall and sustain serious injuries. Moreover, they could damage your TV screen and other items as they throw the ball and other things to each other. However, kids are naturally playful, and you can't always contain them. 

So, why don't you create a separate play area for them? You can use recycled bricks to create a playhouse since it won't be an expensive or daunting project. You just need someone with excellent bricklaying skills to help you design and build it. You could even use these bricks to create an elaborate castle just to make your kids' playtime great.

A Stunning Bird Bath

If you love watching the birds sing and go about their activities, you can still enjoy it without trees in your backyard. Birds don't just look for food and shade; they also want to bathe. However, you don't need to install a swimming pool to attract birds to come and take a bath. 

Instead, you can use recycled bricks to build a birdbath and enjoy seeing the birds flap their feathers over the water, get their feet in the water and even splash it with their beaks. Birdbaths are ornamental features that will attract some beautiful feathered friends in your landscape, especially during the hot season because they want to cool themselves. 

Do you intend to call in a garbage collection service provider to dispose of the piles of recycled bricks in your yard? Don't do it because you can still use them in some other whimsical ways. You can use recycled bricks to create a fantastic birdbath, herb spiral or playhouse.