3 Reasons to Choose Fibre Cement Cladding

If you've decided to install cladding on the outside of your home, you have to choose the right material for the job. Fibre cement is a popular choice here. Why?

1. Get a Streamlined Footprint

Some cladding materials add bulk to your outside walls. In some cases, the products themselves are thick; in others, you need to build a significant infrastructure on your walls to support the cladding.

For example, if you want to install brick cladding, then the bricks add to the thickness of your walls. They also often need a slab support to hold them in place.

This isn't always an ideal solution. If you're short on space or want a sleeker look, then fibre cement products are a better option. They are thin, light and easy to attach.

2. Get Built-in Resistance

Some cladding systems have inherent weaknesses that affect their strength and durability in certain conditions.  For example, some vinyl systems don't do well in extreme weather conditions — they might fade or warp in the heat.

Wood cladding can develop similar problems. Wood products can also rot and go mouldy if they get too wet too often. They are also attractive to pests and won't do much to protect your home if there is a fire.

Fibre cement cladding has a lot of resistance to these common problems. Its colour and structure aren't likely to be affected by heat or wet conditions. So, it shouldn't rot, warp or grow mouldy.

Fibre cement is also resistant to pests. This is particularly handy if you have termite problems where you live. Plus, this material also has useful fire resistance.

3. Get More Design Choices

While every cladding solution gives you some design choices, these may be limited. You may have a few different styles and colour options to choose from; however, you may not be able to get exactly the look you want for the outside of your home.

The fact that fibre cement is man-made broadens these choices for you. Manufacturers don't have the same finish limitations that other materials like brick and wood bring with them. You're also likely to get a better colour palette choice.

You can even buy fibre cement products that look like other types of cladding. For example, some products have a wood-like finish. This allows you to get a specific design without compromising on durability or resistance.

To find out more about fibre cement cladding systems and their benefits, contact local external cladding providers.