Choosing Pumps for Your Outdoor Pond: A Homeowner's Guide

Ponds are significant additions to outdoor living spaces because of the beauty and serenity that they bring. You can even add waterfalls or water fountains to your ponds to transform the landscaping of your outdoor living space. One key component to have in mind when thinking of constructing a pond on your property is the pump. Pumps are like the engines of ponds because they facilitate the circulation of water inside the pond. Therefore, it's always imperative to choose the right pump for your pond. However, with many options to choose from, finding the ideal type or model is not always easy. Below is a simple guide to help you with your selection.

Identify the Purpose of the Pump

Pond pumps are designed for different applications. They can power water fountains or waterfalls in the pond, help circulate the pond water or power your pond filter. In most cases, you will need all three types of pumps. However, this will depend on your needs; for instance, if you don't need a waterfall or fountain in your pond, then a simple circulating pond pump would suffice.

Consider the Size of the Pump

Size is another crucial element in your pond pump selection process. That's because the size of the pump usually determines its strength. It's imperative to select the right size of pump because a pump that's too small, for instance, will result in poor water circulation and reduced water quality. This will be a downside especially if you intend to add fish to the pond.

Pond pumps are designed to pump a certain amount of water, and the first step to getting the right pump size is to determine the size of your pond. These measurements usually help to identify the amount of water the pond can hold. The good news is that most pond contractors will know the amount of water the pond can support, so remember to ask for this information during construction.

The type of waterfall or water fountain you have or intend to construct in your pond can also lead you to the right pump size. First, the size of the waterfall or water fountain determines the size of pump you need. The higher your waterfall or fountain is, the larger and more powerful the pump will need to be. You should also consider how aggressive you need your waterfall to be; gentle waterfalls require smaller and less powerful pumps than their more aggressive counterparts.

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