Why Becoming A Certifier Could Be A Great Career Move

Certifiers are an important part of the construction industry and are often overlooked when people are considering which direction their career could go in. If you have spent years working in construction or are still considering where to enter the industry, then you should seriously consider why becoming a certifier could be right for you. From a competitive salary to the importance of your role, there are many reasons why this could be the right move for you, but before making any big decision, it is important to analyse what you would be required to do. Here are a few reasons why becoming a certifier could be right for you and what they actually do.

What Do Certifiers Do?

Certifiers have many responsibilities, including:

  • Investigating building proposals
  • Checking to ensure all the site conditions and applications are correct
  • Vetting the backgrounds of building companies involved
  • Providing development certificates for different phases of construction
  • Inspecting the site during construction to ensure standards are being met
  • Managing different stakeholders in the construction 
  • Stopping unsafe work and plans from being carried out

All of these things require you to be at your best at all times. Building certifiers not only have to worry about the cost of the project but also its real-world implications and the safety of everyone who will visit or be around this property in the future. 

What Skills Do You Need To Have?

Each state in Australia has its own rules and regulations for certifiers so it is important that you check before you begin applying for roles. In general, you need to become accredited by the relevant authority in your region, and for most that involves undertaking a short TAFE course. Most certifiers have much more experience than just this though; many work in the construction industry for years, and often people get a building surveyor's licence as well. 

Why Is It So Attractive A Job?

Being a building certifier is a good job for several reasons:

  • Stable industry: Construction is one of the biggest industries in Australia, and there are always opportunities for people who are hungry for work. 
  • Competitive salary: Many beginner level positions start with very competitive pay and only rise from there with experience. 
  • Non-strenuous qualifications: The TAFE courses involved to become an accredited certifier are very attainable and don't carry on for years like other tertiary courses can.
  • Responsibility: If you love being responsible for large construction projects and are itching to get involved, then being a certifier is a great way to utilise that hunger.

If you are considering an upward move in the construction industry or if you are just dipping your toe in for the first time, there has never been a better time to become a building certifier.