3 Common Myths About Skylight Windows

There is a myriad of ways that one can add value to their homes, and a skylight ranks high. Not only do you get to control the amount of light coming into the house, but you also get to conserve energy and improve privacy. There are some myths about skylight windows that make people want to avoid them, but these myths aren't always justified, and there are many benefits to these windows. This article highlights some common myths about skylight windows and why you should take the stories with a pinch of salt. 

Myth: Skylights Are Susceptible to Leaks

Simply because skylight windows are exposed to the elements on the roof doesn't necessarily mean that they are prone to leaks. Just like any other feature in your home, cutting shortcuts during skylight installation will rarely result in a long-lasting solution. Therefore, homeowners that insist on experiencing leaks must have sought unprofessional service or did the installation themselves. If you invest in quality materials and professional skylight installation services, you will have a watertight skylight regardless of the type of roof on your property. 

Myth: Skylight Windows Allow a Lot of Sunlight through

Although a skylight window improves a home's interior ventilation, the primary function is to allow as much natural light as possible. However, there are complaints that skylights allow overwhelming amounts of light, which is difficult to control. While it is true that the amount of light coming through depends on the size of your skylight window, it is possible to control the UV rays with a few add-ons. For instance, some skylights come with a diffuser which is installed right under the skylight. The feature ensures that you get glare-free lighting throughout the day. If your skylight window doesn't come with a diffuser, then you can opt for automated blinds which help to control the amount of light sipping into your home space. 

Myth: Skylight Windows Must Be Regularly Maintained

The last thing you want from a skylight is having to climb the roof every other weekend to clean it. Although traditional flat-panel skylight windows encourage the build-up and settling of debris to the surface, modern skylights are manufactured with self-cleaning glass. Skylight windows with this capability prevent dirt from sticking onto the surface, thereby allowing it to wash away with relative ease when it rains. Alternatively, you can spray a little amount of water from a hose pipe if you live in an area that doesn't experience rain most times of the year.

Reach out to a contractor that can install skylight windows to learn more.