Let a Professional Contractor Handle the Construction of Your Tennis Court

A tennis court may look simple to the eye, and you may get a few things like size correct if you decide to DIY, but there are some other things that you may not be aware of that could render your tennis court useless. This could be because it starts to wear or gets damaged, but eventually you will end up incurring extra costs that you could have avoided. Read on to learn more.


A tennis court needs to be built with various materials that a simple tennis court construction manual should be able to give you. What the manual will not tell you is that your surroundings and environment may have an effect on the material you choose. A tennis court contractor will have the experience to know what material will be suitable for you and the environment you live in. Also, there are some materials that are preferred for domestic courts and others that are for sport tennis courts. This may also be influenced by your budget. Think about this when you want to DIY so you can save yourself from a financial loss and time wastage.

Site Preparation

Site preparation will involve activities such as clearance and stripping, earthwork, inspections, testing and levelling. You might be able to carry out some of this, but some activities need expertise. For example, you may not be able to carry out soil tests or achieve a perfect level suitable for a tennis court. If you get this wrong, you can expect a funny-looking court or a court that will not serve you for long.

Drainage system Design

A tennis court requires an effective drainage system design. The last thing you want is a flooded tennis court. You cannot play on it. Without skills or education behind drainage system designs, you cannot build one on your own. You will definitely require the services of a tennis court contractor.


A manual may also give instructions on how to maintain your tennis court. However, a manual may not beat the experience that tennis court contractors have. You will also not be able to ask the manual a question if you need physical guidance. A contractor will not only inform you what to do to maintain your court, but they will also illustrate and tell you why it is important to carry out certain things.

Note the above factors and let a professional tennis court builder make your court for you.