What Type Of Demolition Service Do You Need For Your Specific Project?

While demolition is widely employed for a myriad of projects, a good number of people tend to associate it with the bringing down of commercial buildings. Commercial demolition, granted, is one of the most common projects but by no means is it the only time you may need to hire demolition contractors. In residential settings, you may need to enlist demolition services for anything ranging from the removal of a pool, the tearing down of a shed, pulling down part of your house or even the demolition of your entire structure due to structural problems such as a termite infestation.

Once you have established that you need to hire demolition contractors, you then have to consider factors such as the size of the property and the scope of the demolition to determine the right service for the project. This piece illuminates two types of demolition services depending on the specific project.

Demolition via a high reach arm

The high reach arm refers to a piece of equipment that functions similarly to a wrecking ball. However, it is the preferred option since it does not create as much of a mess as it would if you did use a wrecking ball. If you are looking to deconstruct your house, the demolition contractors can employ the use of the high reach arm to take apart parts of your structure meticulously.

The boom of the high reach arm can access high, hard-to-reach places and will remove one piece of your building at a time. If you want to salvage some parts of your structure or simply want part of the house to be pulled apart, then demolition via a high reach arm will be a viable choice.

Demolition via implosion

If you need to tear down a building in its entirety then you may want to consider hiring demolition contractors for an implosion. Implosion, as the name suggests, is a technique that functions to get the structure to cave in. The demolition contractors will strategically place explosives by adhering them onto a network of cables that run inside the structure. When the explosives are detonated, the building is supposed to fold into itself, so that the rubble created is centralised rather than being spread across the property.

Implosion is an ideal demolition technique if you have limited space on your property or if your building is in close proximity to other structures. Take note that implosion should never be carried out as a DIY project because you stand the risk of extensive property damage and injury to both yourself and your neighbours!