Primary Reasons Why Your AC May Compromise the Air Quality in Your Home

Air conditioning disrepair is something you may have to contend with at some point in your residency. And these repairs stem from a number of reasons. Whether you are not actively seeking air conditioning maintenance or simply ignoring what you deem a minor issue, there will come a time when the air conditioning system will need extensive repairs or possibly a complete overhaul. One of the signs of a compromised HVAC system is poor air quality in your home.

This change in the air quality can manifest in a host of different ways, including lack of humidity control, pollutants in the air or even mould! Since poor air quality can cause different health issues, it is imperative to seek repairs immediately. Below are some primary reasons why your AC may compromise the air quality in your home.

Filthy filters

Filters tend to be some of the most overlooked components that the AC system is made up of, yet they happen to be the parts that will have a direct impact on your air quality! The filters are bound to acquire dirt and should be cleaned on occasion. Moreover, filter cleaning, preferably professional cleaning, is crucial right before the summer and the winter since your AC will be in use on a daily basis.

The more dirt collecting on the filter, the harder the fan needs to work, which will decrease the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Not to mention that all the dirt inside the filter is simply being re-circulated inside your home, making you and your loved ones vulnerable to respiratory problems. If the filters are not cleaned immediately, there is the chance of your AC overheating, which translates into repairs for your AC.

Clogged condenser

Another component in your air conditioning system that will have an adverse effect on your home's air quality is the condenser. When the condenser is blocked by particles, your air conditioning system will start to operate noisily, and this should alert you to looming trouble. Once the loud sounds start, it is likely that foul odours will also emanate from the HVAC system.

You should also bear in mind that a jeopardised condenser would negatively affect the humidity control function of your air conditioning system. Not only does this mean uncomfortable conditions indoors, but it also means a higher likelihood of mould breeding in your home! Fortunately, once you hire air conditioning repair contractors, they can clear any blockages causing the issue and restore the function of the condenser. However, in some cases, you may have to replace the component.