Choosing Switch Locations and Electrical Plug Points When Building a New House

Electrical installations can significantly affect the functionality of your house. When building a new home, it is always essential for the location of switches and electrical plug points to be known before the floor, deck, or walls are cast. Switching the positions afterward will prove to be expensive because it would mean re-routing of the electrical wiring. While electrical contractors will often guide you through processes such as spacing of electrical outlets and other fixtures, an idea of where exactly you need your electrical installations to be will make this easier for them. To help you, here are practical tips for choosing the best location of your switches and electrical plug points. 

Consider Your Power Requirements

Plan your electrical installations according to the requirements and habits of the respective occupants in your home. You need to know aspects such as the rooms in which to use certain electrical appliances, where the control modules for your Smart Home functionalities should be installed, how you intend to control your outdoor lighting, and where your telephone, TV, or computer connections are required. With this information, your electrical contractors and builders will be able to plan as well as implement the required electrical infrastructure. 

Consider Convenience

Electrical plug points and switches should be installed in the most convenient location for use. This is especially important for light switches in the attic, basement, and staircase area. A general rule of the thumb is that you should not find a switch in the dark whether you are entering or leaving such areas. For your attic or storage area, consider having switches in the hallway just outside the entrance. Do the same for your basement. However, for both the attic and basement, make sure you have an extra light switch inside so that in case someone switches off the light in the hallway, you don't have to go all the way back to find a switch. For your staircase, have two switches, one at the bottom and the other at the top. 

Consider Outdoor Living

Electrical plug points in your outdoor living area often come in handy. Plug points or outlets for your patio and decks will eliminate the need to run extension cords across those places. If you are planning to have a hot tub or a pool, consider ground-level outlets around them. Outdoor outlets are also useful for decorations during the holidays. How you plan to decorate your home can give you an idea of the perfect location for an outdoor electrical plug point. For instance, if there's a tree you intend to light during the festive seasons, an inground plug point near the base of the tree would be the ideal location.