Eco-Friendlier Self- Builds — Environmental Benefits of Trenchless Technology

If you're planning a self-build and want to reduce the impact of your construction on the environment, read on.

When most people start researching an eco-friendly self-build, they're usually looking for materials that will reduce their carbon footprint— they know that using locally-sourced, renewable materials is a great way to lessen the impact of their build. What they may not know is that they can reduce their impact further, at construction stage, by using trenchless technology wherever possible.

Trenchless technologies are frequently used in large-scale constructions and repairs. They are particularly useful for developments in built-up urban areas. However, they can also be utilised for smaller jobs on a self-build project—a trenchless drilling service is an ideal solution for laying pipes and cables without the need for an extended trench. This innovative technology is less disruptive, cheaper, and safer. It also reduces the impact of a build on the local environment in the following ways:

Minimising Noise Pollution

Building your own home on a patch of land with neighbours close by can be risky. This is a home that you're planning to live in, and a noisy build may result in a hostile living environment when the job is done.

Trenchless technology requires less use of loud power tools and excavators. Builds can go up without a single noise complaint if the right tools are used.

Reducing Air Pollution

In the same way that noise can be a nuisance to your soon-to-be neighbours, air pollution can too. People who have to clean their windows daily or can't open their back doors on hot days are less likely to become friendly future neighbours.

Using trenchless technologies reduces the use of power tools, resulting in a noticeable reduction of dust and debris thrown into the air. The dust usually generated from the excavated material is mostly contained below the ground. This reduction in excavation work also reduces the need for wagons to ferry muck away, resulting in fewer pollutants being blown around.

Protecting Local Wildlife

You're not likely to be the only living creature to occupy your building site. Small animals and insects may also share this space.

Using trenchless drilling on your build will significantly reduce the volume of excavation needed. This means your build disturbs less ground, reducing the impact of new pipes and cables on the local ecosystem.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

You'll know that power use increases your carbon footprint and has an impact on the world.

Using trenchless technology tools will reduce your consumption of power during the build, as well as lessening the need for heavy equipment to be ferried to and from the site.