5 Tips for Grinding Down a Tripping Hazard on a Concrete Path

If there is a crack in the sidewalk that is creating a tripping hazard, you don't necessarily have to replace the entire block of concrete. Instead, you can grind down the raised area so that you are less likely to trip. Here's a look at what you need to do.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Personal Protective Gear

Before starting on this project, it's important to ensure you have the right safety equipment to protect yourself. Ideally, you need protective goggles to save your eyes from flying debris. You may also want knee pads so it's more comfortable to work on the ground and gloves so that you don't have to worry about concrete burns on your skin.

2. Use a Diamond Saw Blade to Cut Off the Raised Area

You don't necessarily have to start with a grinder. If you have a diamond bladed circular saw, you can actually use that to just cut off the raised bit of concrete. Then, you can grind down the remaining concrete after that point.

3. Grind the Raised Area With a Hand Grinder

In the absence of a diamond saw blade, you should buy or hire a hand grinder with a diamond blade to level out the raised area. Basically, while you use this tool, the blade will spin, and you simply need to move the grinder in small circles over the raised area.

This can require a lot of strength. You need to hold the grinder firmly against the raised concrete for it to work correctly.

4. Use Water to Subdue Dust

Whilst you are grinding, there is going to be a lot of concrete dust. If you want to minimise how much dust flies into the area, you may want to keep the concrete wet. You can do that by setting a hose next to the work area and letting it trickle onto the concrete.

5. Level Out With Concrete Compound

Once you have gotten rid of the raised concrete, use a broom to sweep any excess debris out of the way. Then, you may apply a patching compound. Use this to smooth out any differences between the concrete you have grinded and the rest of the concrete. Once the patch has dried, you may need to grind it down a little bit to make everything smooth.

Doing this on your own can be difficult. If you want to ensure it's done perfectly, you may want to hire a professional who specialises in concrete grinding.