4 Tips to Ensure Your Garage Door Opener Operates Safely

Your garage door opener facilitates efficient and safe operation of your garage door, but this is only possible where the opener unit is routinely examined and its performance vetted against expectations. Too many times children, pets and even adults have suffered injury as a result or garage door opener failures. This article highlights some tips to help you along. In addition, every homeowner must carefully examine their opener's operating manual for additional information about safety and security.

1. Don't rush into DIY

Incorrect installation can create a hazard and security risk. Considering that you'll have the opener for years to come, it helps to take time and read the manual, watch an installation video, get help from a handy friend if necessary and use the right toolware. If you're stuck at any point, call in a trained technician to help.

2. Match opener with door

Garage doors are not created equal, and neither are their operators. If you've installed a new garage door, ask your technician whether your old operator is sufficient to handle the new weight. In addition, if you notice that your door opens with trouble, it may be out of balance and due for inspection and adjustment. The rule of thumb is to get a more powerful opener if you install a heavier garage door. First, ensure all maintenance issues like balance and lubrication have been corrected to ensure you're not just wasting valuable money.

3. Install a reinforcement bracket

Whether you're DIY-ing or having professional installation, you must install the reinforcement bracket. As the torsion and extension springs wear/age, you operator must work harder to lift the door. The reinforcement bracket bears some of this weight to ensure the top sections of the door doesn't bear all the stress and damage. You can find instructions in your manual, or else look for online resources according to your operator brand.

4. Check the mechanism

No matter how late you are, always check that your garage door is completely shut before going away, to ensure that nothing gets caught in the door. This only takes a few seconds but can make a huge difference.

In addition, you need to check the reverse sensor system regularly. Simply place a small obstacle, such as a mannequin of a child, block of wood or even large roll of paper towels in the path of the door. Immediately the door comes into contact with it, it should stop and roll up completely. If this doesn't happen, disconnect your opener and use manual operation until it can be tested and fixed by a qualified technician. You can also contact companies like National Garage Remotes & Openers.