5 Fun Projects to Make From Plywood

Are you looking for fun projects to do with your kids? Well, if your children like working with wood, you may want to explore some of these plywood projects. Plywood is relatively inexpensive, easy to cut and versatile. That makes it a great material for children in particular.

Organisational Board

Give your child a place to organise their toys, collectibles or school supplies with an organisational board. Start with a piece of peg plywood. Just like traditional peg board, that is a piece of board with lots of holes for pegs, but it's made of plywood.

Cut a few small shelves out of another piece of plywood, and put in some pegs to hold the shelves in place. Then, add random pegs for hanging things. Let your child paint the board or the shelves and decide where to put the various items.

Storage Chairs

Want to add some seating to your child's bedroom or play area? Then, consider creating a plywood storage chair. Simply build a rectangular box with two open cubbies on the bottom. The top of the box serves as the seat of the chair.

Leave it as a bench and put it by a window to make a faux window seat. Alternatively, use a couple of additional pieces of plywood to make a slightly slanted seat back.

TV Tray

With three pieces of plywood, you can make a simple TV tray for a child. Basically, you want a flat surface with two sides to support it. Your child can use this tray to hold snacks, art projects or anything else that requires a flat surface. It's portable, so it can work in the house or in the car.

Play Swords

If your child would rather have something to play with, consider making play swords out of plywood. Have your child find a few pictures of swords they like. Then, draw those swords onto paper.

Trace the swords onto the plywood and cut out the design. To make the swords look more realistic, paint them or cover them with metallic tape. These swords will hurt if someone gets hit with them, so you should only give them to children who are responsible enough to only use them for make-believe play.

Play Animals

Just as you can make play swords, you can also make fun play animals. Again, simply trace the design onto the plywood, and cut it out. A circular saw or table saw will work perfectly. Then, let your child paint the animals. Consider buying googly eyes, sparkles and other decorations to make the experience more fun.