How to Lay a Concrete Base for a New Shed

Sheds are a very useful addition to any home. If you are planning to build a new shed on your property, you will want to ensure that it is completely stable. The best way to achieve this is to construct a solid concrete base. Below is a guide which will help you to construct a concrete base for your shed.

Measure the area

When laying the concrete base, it is important that the base is slightly larger than the size of your shed. If you lay a base which is exactly the same size as the shed, it could become unstable as you will not be able to properly position the anchors which will hold the shed in place. You should consider the measurement of the shed and then add a few inches to this on all sides. This additional lip on the base of the shed will also help to prevent ground moisture from entering your shed.

Peg out the area

Once you have measured the area, you should carefully mark out the area using string and pegs. Hammer the pegs into the ground at intervals and then run string between them until you have established the outline of the concrete base. The pegs will help to hold the string in place. 

Square the corners and measure the depth

Once you have established the surface area of the concrete base for your new shed, you should turn your attention to the corners. It is very important that each of these corners is exactly square before you begin to pour the concrete. Measure each corner using a protractor.

Dig the soil out from the ground

Once you have established the location of the corners and marked out the area using the pegs and the string, you can begin to dig. You should extract several inches of soil from the ground within the outline of the string and pegs. Once you have done this, you should measure the depth of the hole into which the concrete will be poured. This will allow you to calculate the volume of concrete you will need in order to form the base.

Pour the concrete 

Finally, you can pour the wet concrete into the hole. While the concrete is still wet, you should smooth out the surface using a large pallet knife. Once the concrete is dry, you can construct your new shed.

If you would like further information and advice about preparing your land for a shed installation, you should contact a contractor today.