Why not use timber wall frames on your next project?

Timber wall frames are a popular choice for many construction projects. Compared to the alternatives, such as steel, most people know that a timber truss is lighter and more easy to manoeuvre around the building site. You may also know that a timber truss is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. While this is true these advantages are only the start of the benefits offered by using timber wall frames for your building project:

Precision design

A timber truss can be precision engineered, meaning that your timber wall frames will be both strong and durable. The accuracy with which each timber truss is created, allows all the timber wall frames to be assembled easily with each of the component parts fitting together perfectly just as they were intended to do. No more struggling on site trying to fit the various parts of the frame together.

Greater construction speed

Timber frames are far quicker to assemble than other forms of framing. If you are constructing a new-build this allows you to save a substantial amount of time. Once the timber frame trusses are in place and the building has been made watertight work can begin on the electrics and the plumbing without any concern for the outside weather conditions.

Lower maintenance

Timber wall frames offer a dry method of construction that reduces plaster shrinkage and any possible plasterboard cracking with the related issues that this causes in a property. Have a dry construction method also avoids the delay caused by allowing a property to "dry out" after construction, saving everyone time since decoration of the property can begin immediately after construction has ended.

Greater thermal efficiency

Thermal efficiency is good for the environment but is also of benefit to property owners. It reduces home energy bills and in the longer term will save owners a significant amount of money. Using timber to construct the building frame allows the property to maintain temperature faster than a traditional framing material.

Neater finish

One of the biggest problems with traditional building frames is that they do not offer a way to conveniently conceal the mass of pipes and wires that are needed in the modern home. A timber truss will allow these wires to be stored out of view leaving the homeowner with a far neater finish than they might expect from a traditional frame.

These are just a few of the many reasons that you should consider using timber wall frames on your future building projects.