Boundary and Site Surveys: What You Need to Know

If you are planning to construct a new building on land that you own, it is very important that you ensure that you do not accidentally stray onto neighbouring land. To avoid this, you will need to establish the boundaries of your property. Establishing the boundaries of your property will also ensure that others won't encroach onto your land. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about site and boundary surveys.

Times you will need to commission a survey

There are a number of occasions when you need to commission a survey. These include:

  • When you are subdividing your land into smaller sections
  • When you are planning to purchase a new piece of land or a new property
  • When you are developing a section of land or constructing a new building
  • When you are applying for a bank loan which is secured by your land or property
  • When you dispute the boundary with a neighbour

If a survey was carried out some years ago, you should not rely on this, as changes can happen to the land and the law. It is always worthwhile to have a new survey completed.

How the boundary is measured and marked

A surveyor will visit your property. Before they begin work, they will examine the deeds to the property, which will outline the area of land that you legally own. They will then measure the location of existing boundaries such as fences, walls and rivers. These boundaries can then be compared to the deeds. If the boundaries are under dispute, the surveyor will be able to place temporary markers on the land and will then prepare a report which can be used in any court case or legal application.

How structures on the property are measured and recorded

The surveyor can also map the structures that are present on the land, such as walls, sheds and houses. This will allow the surveyor to produce a report which details how a new construction on the property will impact on other structures already present on the land. This will support your application to the local authorities and will ensure that you are fully compliant with any zoning laws.

The cost of a boundary survey

The cost of a boundary survey will largely depend on the area of the land you need surveyed and the complexity of the job. For example, if the terrain is uneven or if it contains a lot of different subdivisions, this may increase the cost of the survey.

If you would like further information about site surveys, you should contact a construction surveyor today.