The Benefits of Hiring a Demolition Contractor

Unlike construction and home improvement works, demolition is not a DIY project. Demolition works involve a lot of hazards and should therefore be conducted by experienced contractors. In the guide below, you will learn the benefits of hiring a demolition contractor to pull down your home or commercial premises. 

Legality of the Demolition

The primary benefit of an experienced demolition contractor is that they understand the building code and planning regulations of your area. Therefore, the contractor can advise whether or not you require a permit to conduct the demolition works. Additionally, the contractor will check additional regulations such as noise and sound pollution at the site. 

Demolition Sequence

Most people presume that demolition is as easy as knocking down the building with a sledgehammer or plant equipment. However, this is not the case. For instance, if you need to demolish just one section of an existing property, you risk weakening the entire structure.

An experienced contractor will know how to demolish the building without compromising its safety. When demolishing a whole structure, they will assess the construction blueprints to determine the weights that each structural feature bears. It ensures the whole structure does not collapse at once. Remember, such an incident could cause loss of life and property damage. 

Demolition Safety

Below are some safety measures that contractors observe at the site: 

  • A preliminary inspection to determine if the property is connected to utilities such as water, power and gas. The contractor will disconnect these amenities to prevent accidents during demolition.
  • The contractor will assess the property for hazardous materials. For instance, some homes built during the 20th century could contain asbestos. 
  • The professional will determine which equipment are ideal for the demolition works. It could be excavators, wrecking balls, bulldozers or small machines such as jackhammers.
  • The contractor will create a safety plan to minimise accidents at the site. For instance, they will barricade the area to prevent passers-by from accessing the site and ensure all personnel at the site have protective clothing. 

In addition to these measures, the demolition contractor will have liability insurance to protect you from liabilities if an accident occurs at the site. 

Waste Management 

If you decided to demolish the structure yourself, there is a high probability that you may not have a clue of how to clear the site. Demolition contractors will sort the waste and determine appropriate disposal methods. For instance, dangerous materials could be disposed of at designated landfills. Construction waste such as concrete, metal and wood can be recycled. 

To learn more about this process, contact local demolition contractors.