Does Your Garden Need a Pergola?

Many homeowners want to do more with their outdoor space. Perhaps you have already installed a patio and placed some chairs outside for use during the evening. A patio or deck can be ideal for much of the time, but they can sometimes have privacy concerns or be problematic because of the weather. If you are looking for a way to get more from the outdoors, you should work with your local firm of pergola builders.

What is a pergola?

If you haven't done too much research on outdoor spaces, you may not be sure of what pergolas are or perhaps you aren't sure what benefits they can offer. Put simply, a pergola is a construction built from vertical and horizontal beams. A pergola won't have a roof or walls, but it can still provide you with plenty of light and shade to make your garden more pleasant. They also offer protection from the heat of the sun. Before you call in the pergola builders, there are several things that you must decide.

How will you use your pergola?

Knowing how your pergola will be used can help you decide on the best location, size and shape. Often a pergola will be intended to extend the living space of the home. It will provide somewhere for you to entertain guests and relax with protection from the hot sun. At other times you may be more focused on how the pergola can enhance the visual appeal of the space and create a distinctive personality for your property.

How will you create your pergola?

Depending on how adventurous you are feeling, you might ask your pergola builders to create a custom design specifically for your space, or you might opt to use a standard pergola delivered to your property in kit form. There are advantages to either approach. A custom-built pergola will provide you with the flexibility to create a unique construction suited to the surrounding space. A kit-based pergola can be built quickly, using a tested design. You can be sure that a kit-built pergola will survive any conditions it may face, but you may be more limited with your design choices.

What materials should the pergola builders use?

Many pergolas are made from wood. Wood is a trusted material, and if the wood has been pressure treated, it will last for an acceptable time. If you choose cedar wood rather than pressure-treated wood, it will last longer, and cedar is naturally insect resistant. Cedar wood also looks beautiful, either naturally or stained and sealed. Other alternative materials include vinyl and fibreglass are also available. Talk to your local pergola builders to see what options they can suggest for your property.

Whatever choices you make regarding your pergola, it must be installed by professionals to ensure that it is safe and that it will endure for its expected lifetime. Contact a pergola building company for more information.