Additional Services Demolishers Offer During a Home Demolition Project

You may find yourself requiring home demolition services for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have recently acquired a property with a dilapidated house that is beyond saving through a remodelling project. On the other hand, you may be thinking of constructing a home extension and would prefer to get rid of one part of your house to create additional space. In unfortunate cases, you could even require home demolition services after bush fire season if your house is beyond salvaging.

Whatever the reason, the first thing that you should know is that home demolition is not merely about using explosives to raze down a structure. Instead, demolishers offer a range of supplementary services that could prove pertinent to your particular needs. Before you enlist home demolition services for the sole purpose of bringing down a structure, consider the following additional services that these professionals provide.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is one of the foremost concerns that you may have when demolishing an older home, and this is not without reason. Properties that were constructed several decades ago have a high chance of containing asbestos since this material was used in a variety of building supplies. If you are worried about this toxic substance, you should consult with your demolition contractors about how best to go about the process.

Most demolishers are well-versed in the correct measures to take that will ensure minimal asbestos exposure. Moreover, they will have the right gear and equipment to ensure that the asbestos is eliminated from the site without it contaminating the environment. Lastly, demolition contractors will also know how best to dispose of this hazardous material. 

Selective demolition

If you are seeking home demolition services so that you can construct a new structure on the property, you may want to consult with your demolition contractors about selective demolition. This technique works to ensure that you can salvage building supplies that you could utilise in the new project. Contrary to popular belief, simply because you want to have the entire structure razed down does not mean you cannot utilise the pre-existing supplies.

Materials such as original stained glass windows, asphalt shingles, steel beams and even reclaimed timber could all help with reducing the cost of constructing the new property. Admittedly, selective demolition does take significantly longer than its mechanical counterpart does and costs more too. However, you get to save on materials costs during your subsequent project.

Other services that demolition contractors offer during a home demolition project include the removal of debris, remediating the soil and even relocation of secondary structures such as sheds.