3 Practical Planning Tips for Building a Freezer Room or Walk-in Cooler

You should think about building a new freezer room or walk-in cooler if your commercial operation is in need of a cold storage facility. A customised cold storage space is ideal because it will be designed to meet the specific needs of your operation. In simple terms, you can create a unique room that matches the precise cooling and preservation requirements for your products. If the facility is designed and built correctly, you can guarantee storage efficiency and reduce your losses due to premature spoilage. Here are practical guidelines for planning for freezer room construction.

1. Think about Space Location

You should choose the ideal space on your property for your cold storage room. It is important to select the right room for optimal operational efficiency after completion of the freezer or cooler construction. In general, you should think about access during space selection. The cold storage room should be in an easy to access area in your commercial space. If the facility is built too far from the area of need, you will have to plan for the movement of the stored goods. Under ideal circumstances, you should use a room in your current building. However, you can build an independent structure for this purpose.

2. Consider Your Storage Needs

You should estimate the cold storage requirements for your commercial operations before commissioning the construction of the room. It is important to build a facility which will match your storage needs as opposed to building a structure and then forcing it to accommodate your needs. When calculating your storage requirement, you should determine the amount of goods that you would like to keep in the space at each point. Remember, if you choose to build a small room, you will need to purchase and transport goods more frequently. Therefore, the benefits of a custom freezer or cooler will be lost. On the other hand, you should not waste valuable funds on an unnecessarily large freezer.

3. Budget for the Construction

Finally, you should prepare a budget for the construction of your cold storage room. Proper financial planning will help you guarantee the completion of your project and avoidance of complications. You should consult an experienced contractor in the field to provide information on the building timeline and the potential labour costs. You should also check the market and determine the cost of building materials. In addition, you should not forget to account for the cost of essential cold storage accessories such as shelves, lighting, cooling controls and partitions.