What to Know about DIY Epoxy Kits for Home Projects

There are several ways that you can epoxy areas in your home. You can epoxy your countertops, floors, and basements. Though some of these jobs may seem like something for a professional, epoxy kits are making it easier. If  you are new to epoxy kits from your local home improvement store, then there are a few things you need to know. Here are just a few things you need to know about using DIY epoxy kits for your next home project.

Complete Kits

When you look at complete kits, you should keep in mind that most of these will have several steps involved in the epoxy process. The steps will include to liquid bottles, the first being the resin layer and the second being the hardener. This will be true for most epoxy you get, regardless of the area of your home it is designed for. The difference in the kits will likely be the size of the liquid bottles. If you have a large space, you will need to look for kits that contain at least one gallon or more. You may also find complete kits measured in the square footage they cover  rather than gallons.


There is a misconception that the only effect is to have a high shine appearance. The truth is you can add effects to the epoxy. Some of these effects include marbling and swirls while other effects include the ability to use metallic finishes, colours, and other effects to give a customized look. Though you do see these effects more in epoxy kits for countertops, they are becoming more widely available in epoxy flooring kits as well.

Wall System Kits

Though most kits are made for flooring or flat horizontal surfaces, there are new wall system kits available as well. If you are considering a wall system kit for a new style of project, you may find you need more supplies than the kits offer. For example, you may need special applicators,sponges, and you may need to utilize different drying techniques. It will depend greatly on the type of epoxy being used, if you will have any effects, and the location of your wall system. For example, a shower wall system will need to wait longer than other wall systems to dry. This is due to the humidity that is present in many bathroom areas.

If you are ready to move forward with the epoxy kit and your project, contact your local home improvement store. They can help you narrow down the best kits for your project as well as how many kits you will need. They also can help you with pricing and questions you have about related equipment you may need for the project.